When was the last time you checked your privacy settings on your Facebook account

The Internet is a public space, which everyone can see. Don’t post publicly on Facebook, anything you don’t think absolutely everyone needs to see. Do not unnecessarily expose your private life to the whole world. Although it may seem complicated, it is very important to control what you publish on Facebook and especially who you allow to view your profile. Many are not interested in these settings, either because they are not afraid of personal data theft, or because they simply do not know how and where they can do this.

Sharing on Facebook
You’re going on vacation, or on a mini-vacation and you want to share this with your friends, but do you want to share this with the whole globe? And evil people can see your post and then…. when you return home, you may have a surprise and find that even thieves have a Facebook profile. I don’t post personal posts like this “publicly”, I’m convinced that only friends want to see them.

Check your location
Don’t leave your phone’s GPS on, do you really want to give everyone a map of where you’re walking? Turn off the phone Location.

Limit the audience of older posts
If you’ve had your Facebook account for a very long time, it’s very possible that your “wall” contains some old stuff that your previous settings left visible to more people than you’d like. Choose “Limit Past Posts” so that only your friends can see those photos or posts.

Settings -> Privacy -> “Who can see my stuff?”

facebook settings

Connecting on Facebook Do you want your profile page, email address , phone number… and all your personal data to appear
with a simple search on Google by name? Not? That’s what I thought too.

Settings -> Privacy -> “Who can look me up?” / “Who can search for me” make sure you have set friends and not public.

facebook settings

Your publicly displayed preferences
Facebook has a system of ads, just like other sites based on your searches “Ads Based on Your Use of Websites or Apps Off Facebook” / “Ads Based on the use of Websites or apps off Facebook”. This explains why, for example, you see Facebook ads for things you search for on Google shortly after you search for them. Do you want the whole globe to know this?

Settings -> Adds / (Ads). Be careful to set “no one” there.

facebook settings

Choose a secure password for your Facebook account
And what if someone gets into my account? What could happen to me so badly? The situations in which you can become vulnerable are not limited to friends posting ridiculous and embarrassing statuses about you. It can have consequences from being denied a job due to the “tainted” public profile you have on social networks, to having your identity stolen, the money on your card, and if you have an associated phone number, you can expose yourself to harassment, blackmail, etc…

Use a combination of upper and lower case letters together with numbers and symbols, the password should have at least 6 characters, and never use “password”, “password”, “12345” or the name of the dog, cat, or another animal you have or other personal names in your family.

You can check how long your password can be broken here: howsecureismypassword.net. Although the site does not store passwords, obviously, it is much safer if you do not enter the exact password you are going to use, try to change it a little.

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