Welcome, 2024

Whether it will be a better year or not like 2023, that will depend on each of us.

This is the first post of this year, I kept thinking about what to start with…

The resolutions of the beginning of the year. Why bother with them? Well, that’s it: one year has ended (with good and bad), another has just begun. In which direction are we going this year? What do we want to succeed in doing? In order to succeed in something, we must propose to do that something, and what better time would it be than at the beginning of the year?

We should all aim to be better and more understanding with those around us, and most importantly follow our dreams. In order for something to succeed in your life, you have to propose, really want it and try to do that something. Regardless of whether those around you support you or not… you have to try. Everything seems difficult at first, an attempt is sometimes impossible, but it is not if you really want it.

Now don’t get me wrong, with New Year’s resolutions I didn’t think of stupid things like “going to the gym every afternoon at 5 o’clock to lose weight” That’s stupid, hey I break at the beginning of the year you don’t resolve nothing, you’ll probably leave it in the puddle in the first month. You didn’t manage to get a subscription for 8 sessions all year, what makes you think that you will resist the over-training 5 times a week? It’s a good thing to be ambitious, but do it head-on! The idea is to propose some general objectives for the year that has just begun, to chew on them well as they should best be put into practice so that they come out and then put them into practice.

In life, you have to know what you want, and not want to do them all at the same time. Maybe not everything you set out to do last year came out last year, but that’s why a new year begins, to try again. Life without well-defined goals is like the news from “ProTV”, you can see what is happening…

I myself proposed 2 big and broad things in 2024, to write more and better quality on this blog, and to have more time for photography, to become a better friend with my NIKON… to take pictures better. Whether or not I will succeed in these resolutions during this year, I will leave it to you to decide in the end.

Happy New Year 2024!:)

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