We have become the garbage of Europe

After I arrived with the junior at the emergency room following a “severe allergic reaction”…. more precisely, he became swollen after eating the extraordinary Chio microwave popcorn in combination with a bag of chips, annoyed to the max, we went to the supermarket to look for a popcorn maker . Why do we have to consume all the garbage of others, nicely packaged with advertising on all televisions and full of E’s and God knows what other preservatives??

the garbage of EuropeWe have become the garbage dumpsters of Europe, all kinds of “healthy” products are shoved down our throats through advertisements, and we, like zombies, rush in and buy them, endangering our health and that of our children. For those who don’t know “popcorn” also grows in our country, it’s called corn, a more special variety that “explodes” at high temperatures and turns into “popcorn”. Neither Chio nor other producers invented popcorn, they just filled it with E’s and shoved it down our throats with all kinds of flavors. I refuse to buy their garbage, let them eat it themselves! But probably we all have to hit the top threshold to see the bottom one.

And it is not the only example… vegetables are another sad example. In the summer, the fresh vegetable department in supermarkets is just as crowded as in the winter. You must be an idiot to think that supermarkets sell natural and domestic products! While our farmers struggle to survive only from the sale of fresh produce from the garden…. we … either in summer or winter rush to supermarkets to buy their garbage. Because it’s cheaper. But is it healthier? All injected, waxed… and God knows what I do to them… they look fresh with the weeks. Take one of those beautiful and good-looking tomatoes from a supermarket and leave it in the fridge for about 2 weeks…. it will look the same. It’s 100% natural, right? Yes, if it were plastic.

dreamstimefree_167063Apples from Poland; carrots from Hungary; tomatoes from Italy, Spain, Greece; potatoes from France, Austria and Poland; Macedonian and Turkish cabbage (that’s the most concrete, you literally break your knife to cut it) are just a few examples of “native” products sold in the supermarket. Don’t believe me…go and check. But don’t all these products also grow in our country?? We have to import them from thousands of kilometers injected and “preserved”, so that they can withstand the transport otherwise.

There are few Romanians who go to the market for such products either in summer or winter . Why? Because it is much more convenient to buy everything in one place. Because we have become a nation of zombies… hunting magazines with offers and radio ads… “only today at 3 lei per kilo”. A people “at a super-offer”, who for a 1 leu discount don’t look at what they put in the net.

If you buy from the aprozar or from the market, it doesn’t mean that the person who owns the aprozar or the stall in the market gets rich and buys a Mercedes, as is the mentality of the Romanian… it means that you eat healthier. Because they don’t have contracts worth millions of euros with all the countries around the world to import their garbage and shove it down your throat at a super offer. And if you buy from the market, from the farmers, you can even be surprised to get better prices than at the supermarket, because the farmer leaves the price, and you can still negotiate.

We should open our eyes, pay more attention to what we buy… and stop hurting our ass with certain “super-offers”.

Let’s read good people!…at least the product labels if we don’t have time for anything else in the whirlwind of everyday life.

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