Refugee in his own country

They do what they want and we are silent and patient, old story… from 89 onwards. While some pensioners can no longer afford to buy their medicines, children do not go to school/kindergarten because their parents cannot afford to send them… we accept refugees in Romania, and we also pay them. With a higher amount than we give to our grandparents and children because the EU asks us? Our safety, of those who will have to live, coexist with these “vertebrates” is inferior to the orders of the “bosses”? They sing… we dance and keep quiet.

Have we become so tame that no one has the courage to say anything? The first 60 came, the next 100 will come… then 1000… we will meet them on the street, children, girls and women will meet them on the street… We have seen what is happening in the EU, what is the reaction and attitude their face to women. I accept and that’s it?? I can’t believe it and I can’t accept that in my city, on the streets where I grew up, my children can’t walk and play safely because of the monkeys.

I return to the figures of the minimum wage in the economy , so the minimum that an honest Romanian can earn who works like an ox for a whole month (and quite a few work on this wage) is 1050, of which the Romanian receives 785 lei in hand. So if you work for a whole month, you get 785 lei in hand. The allowance for a child up to 18 years old is 84 lei .

But a refugee is given 1050 lei in his hand, money for which he does nothing (except the scandals and other things that are seen in the EU news).

Based on the data communicated by the Quality of Life Research Institute (ICCV), a set of values ​​was established for the monthly expenses (food, clothing, accommodation) for an adult asylum seeker. Thus, the asylum seeker benefits, upon request, from food up to the amount of 10 lei/person/day, clothing up to the amount of 67 lei/person/summer season and 100 lei/person/winter season, to which is added 6 lei/person/day representing expenses for local transport, cultural services, press, repair services and expenses for personal hygiene. In addition, asylum seekers for whom the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI) cannot provide accommodation in subordinate reception centers can benefit from material assistance for renting a home, in the amount of 450 lei/person/month, and material assistance for covering maintenance expenses, in the amount of 120 lei/month/person for the warm season and 155 lei/month/person for the cold season. The amount granted monthly for rent decreases by 30% in the case of families with two members and by 40% in the case of families with three members. , taken from

Money that the EU gives you, you will say. Yes, the EU gives him, but for the ordinary Romanian, why doesn’t he give anything? We don’t have the “value” they have? The ordinary Romanian is forced to go to other countries, to work as a slave on the plantation to earn a penny to be able to support his family. And we are considered “gypsies” and seen as such. But the Romanian does not plant bombs, does not gang rape, does not harass women on the street. While those who are not even from Europe, nor of the same religion as us, and especially because they come from a world totally parallel to ours, in which all our values ​​are upside down, we welcome them with flowers and help, only the red carpet was missing?

And they want us to increase the price of gas so that they can have money for them. Why should I pay more per liter of petrol for them? It was as if it was money from the EU… The minimum wage for the net economy here is 231 euros (approx) -> gross in hand 173 euros (approx), what do we do better than them? Shame on Merkel, you wanted to keep them! Take them all home and do what you want with them, don’t force me to pay for them from my miserable salary here.

The 60 who entered our country are all between 20 and 40 years old and are MEN. Did they run away from the war ? They do not … and where are their families? Wives, children… because they only have a lot… parents, grandparents… did they stay to fight? And what a war there is in Pakistan, as most of them are there. How can anyone believe such a thing, they must be a true Christian!

I don’t want refugees in my country , neither migrants nor terrorists…. or what will be. I DO NOT WANT. You want?

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