Look at the fluff it’s not the fluff Tony the liar and the Delaco cheese

How I like TV commercials…!!! Especially those for children’s products. Like the new Delaco cheese commercial, with Toni Senior and Toni Junior. How beautifully the junior takes the fluff out of the box… and how cute it is. But that saying… “you fooled the people with the television”.

The story is like that. All day the advertisement is broadcast on the TV channels, and children see it, and let’s buy that cheese too, is it good or not…. yes the toy looks great. Said and done, we get dressed and go to the supermarket. We were looking on the shelf, where would the cheese be? In the end, I asked a commercial worker.

“Don’t be upset, do you have that Delaco cheese that they advertise on TV as a toy?”

“Yes, look down there on the shelf, but you know that the toys are not that big… they are just some key chains.” we get the answer.

Whatever, we say, at least it looks cute. And like in the commercial on TV, we take 3 pieces, excited to go home quickly with them to see what cute fluffies we find.

At that moment, looking at the box, it seemed to me that it looked exactly and the same size as the normal box, which was before the Delco cheese, but I said… maybe they removed the cheese to accommodate the fluffiness… or who knows.

We get home, quickly take off our jackets, and rush to unwrap the cheese.

I cannot describe to you the feeling of disappointment that the children had when they saw that in the first we found a tattoo, in the second…. tattoo and in the third … tattoo!!! So not even a single keychain as the saleswoman let us believe…. a tattoo to stick on the hand for children like the one you find in the gum for 10 money from the ABC on the corner! I can’t even describe to you the annoyance that came over me on the spot. I then read on the packaging

This package contains:
1 piece of cream cheese with sour cream, 140 gr
1 guaranteed prize: Tattoo or code for an extra keychain.

Tattoo or key fob code ???? This is not what is said in the advertisement.

And how beautifully Toni Junior takes out the toys …. Where does Toni buy those boxes?? Shall we go and buy them, or did you take them all and leave the rest for us just tattoos?? The cheese was good, but because I feel so stupid in front of your advertisement, I think you will eat it from now on, I will definitely not buy it again.

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