From this year the dogs are counted

The most idiotic law I have ever heard of, also in our country. Our parliamentarians, after cutting leaves for the dogs all day, have now begun to count them, the dogs, not the leaves. But not the vagabonds, they have nothing to do with that… but the shepherds.

Law 149/2015, a law with a long story and which took some time to prepare. This project from 2023(which will enter into force in June 2024) is made under the pressure of hunters, who are unhappy that the shepherds and their dogs chase their game.

The idea is something like this, a mountain stana has the right to 3 dogs, a hill one, two dogs, and a plain one only one dog. Above all, hunters can tax shepherds’ dogs, if they are extra, without being sanctioned. What I don’t understand is what sheep have to do with game?? And what do the parliamentarians have to do with how many dogs the shepherds have? Well, they have as much as they need, they just don’t care about beauty. And what on earth are the sheep and the shepherds looking for in the forest to drive away their prey, I certainly don’t understand. What does the shape of the relief have to do with the number of dogs? I mean, the one from the plains, if he has a larger herd – up to a thousand sheep, does he have to struggle to gather them with a single dog just because he stays in the plains with them? this is discrimination based on geographic criteria.

You may wonder how big the cheese is if instead of 7-8 healthy guard dogs, the shepherd has 3 puppies. Well, the largest population of bears and wolves in Europe lives in the mountains of Romania. I don’t know how informed the deer are, that the hunters are now free to shoot them and they don’t bother the shepherds anymore, but they will surely fight with the sheep guarded by the puppies.

How many of our parliamentarians were shepherds who are so good at shepherding. I am convinced that none of them…but there are certainly many of them hunters.

I don’t think that a sane person without personal interests can conceive such a thing.
What can be understood from all this is that either we have some good parliamentarians to take to the hook, taken with a bad head… or they found a new way to round up their bank accounts through this. I lean towards the 2nd option…

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