Deva Citadel and 10 lei given for nothing

It’s the beautiful Deva seen from above, isn’t it?


Honestly, I wanted to take more pictures, because that’s the only reason I paid for that “elevator” with 10 lei… but it didn’t work out for me. When you get out of the cable car/elevator or whatever, the guards are there. You have about 10 square meters and that’s it, the rest is ribbons and closed. I wanted to walk a few meters on the path that goes down from the cable car to gate 2 to take a few more pictures, I didn’t have time to take even 2 steps, at which one of the guards, a “healthy” and well-fed bulldog, quickly got agitated

“Wait, it’s not allowed here, there are cameras and they see us and I’m here in 2 minutes.”

I looked long at him and at the wall in front of me that I wanted to reach, it was about 2 meters away. I wanted to ask him who “these” were, and why the hell he was climbing so fast, but looking more closely at his face, I gave up.

“Nenea… I want to take a picture from there, from that angle, that’s all. They are polite and don’t jump :D
“It’s not allowed, I can see our rooms and it’s not allowed here”

Where is it not allowed? Not even around the cable car?? Well, there is no one, no one is working, and there is no ribbon to close. Or did they run out of ribbons and that’s why they keep the bulldogs there??

So you pay 10 lei to take the elevator, and when you get to the top you have 10 square meters where you can take pictures ?? Is it just me or is this a joke? I understood from the lady downstairs that you can’t visit the fortress, but it’s a long way from visiting the fortress to being “stuck” by the forced-forced elevator. Why this perimeter is absurdly small, I think only they know… no one, not a single person, works there, except for the two guards.

In front, carelessly supported by the wall lies a panel… Project completion date 12.12.2015.


Now I sit and wonder if the year 2016 comes to the fortress late because of the altitude. Let me understand that there is not yet 12.12.2015 or the one that goes up at such a speed if you exceed that well-established perimeter, they forgot to come and let the public go to visit.

Conclusion. If you have 10 lei and you have nothing to do with them, go to Cetatea Deva. There for 10 lei, you have 10 square meters from which you can take pictures. And if you are good… don’t be bitten by the “bulldog”. And look, this is how tourism develops in Romania… but nothing new under the sun, right?

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