What you need to know before moving to the UK

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog. Today’s article Is What you need to know before moving to the UK. I was in the same situation as you, I live in Birmingham since August 2017, I was scared, I left Romania crying but also hoping for something better. I don’t want to destroy your fantasy but, this country is not what you expect. Here are 5 things about what you need to know before moving to the UK:


                          The UK is depressing: If you’re not a night owl that loves to party all day long, go clubbing and takeWhat you need to know before moving to the UK shots every night out with your friends, then you will find England really depressing. I’ve never been that kind of person going to parties every weekend and stuff like that, I enjoy watching movies, YouTube and other online things (not reading lol). When I first start looking on Google about the UK I fell in love with the architecture, you know the brick houses, all the same, looks mesmerising, not now, not anymore. They’re just normal things for someone who is used to it. I’m alone, I don’t have any of my old friends here, not even my family (yet) but I’m trying to go with it, make friends and socialise more.


                          UK is DIVERSITY: You’re white, you’re black, you’re skinny, you’re fat, nop. These comparations don’t exist here. Everyone has the same rights, you need to respect each individual in cooperating to make such a strong society. Have you ever wondered why the UK has never had political issues like Romania does? I mean yeah, they have the Brexit but that’s another subject… they are strong and united, they decide for their well-being, not politicians.


                          Civilisation: Respect, politeness, a nice word everywhere you go and supportive people, also the land (what you see around you) is really clean, they don’t have cigarettes on the ground, garbage everywhere… they have BINs, and you might get an expensive penalty if you spit your gum or you don’t put the cigarette in the bin.


                          The UK is your chance for a brighter future: I keep telling this to myself, I didn’t move on from things that keep my heart in Romania, but that’s the truth. Your future is bright for sure if you come here, you have so many choices and chances, just take the risk and do it, book your flight tickets and explore Britain, decide if you like it here and then move here (btw this might be the last year you can do it before the Brexit). If you have ever dream to go/move/visit the UK, go for it, you’ll realise if its good for you or not.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  What you need to know before moving to the UK

                          Expect to be disappointed sometimes: You might feel disappointed for two reasons: a) you see a ‘human’ from your country behaving miserably in this country with people who respect him or b) of you, wishing you could have done more but you didn’t, you didn’t get involved in too many things, your experience here is closer to an ending. Make it awesome.

That was it for this article if you have any questions about anything and I can answer from my personal experience don’t be scared and leave it in the box below. Thank you for reading my article about What you need to know before moving to the UK and I hope that you find it useful. I’ll see you soon. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily posts and also on Facebook.

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  • Thank you for sharing. More people should do the same thing as you did. Exactly, to say the things clearly, honestly for New begginers. I put another idea into my head Because of you. Thank you again!

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