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Hello everybody and welcome to my very first blog,  my name is Daniela and I’m a student at University in England. I’m from Romania and I’m studying in Birmingham. As you might see Break4coffe is a blog where I’m going to discuss some aspects about England, University Life, Friends, Homesick and more from my personal point of view as an international student in England. If you’re a High School student right now looking for what University to go at, I can help you with some answers and information OR maybe you’re just curious about the Fabulous life in this country. For my first blog, I found a group on Facebook with students and future students asking different questions, here are some of them:

  1. What can you study at University in England?

Everything you want. It doesn’t matter if its something you did in High School or you didn’t. The education system here is totally different from Romania (I feel it, trust me). They let you study whatever you want, you can study acting even if you did maths in College, if that’s your passion and you want to become somebody, here’s your chance.

  1. Is University in England strict?University in England

Not at all. They don’t have the concept of ‘stress’. Everything you do in University is fun, interactive, and understandable. If you have a problem they’re more than happy to help you in any circumstances.

  1. Do you feel any differences between you and other people from Uni?

Of course, we are totally different individuals, unique in our own way but nobody is racist, they don’t blame, laugh or make fun of you because you’re from another country. The only thing my colleagues do is to support me and help me integrate better in this society.

  1. Is University in England expensive?

Yes, it is BUT I think is worth it. It is about £9250/year for most of the Universities in Uk but there’s a loan you can take without any problems. And you benefit of education. lol (I will discuss more about this into a future article soon)

  1. Do British people drink lots of tea?

YES, hell yes! The first thing you see in England is the Tea, recently found out at University that the tea is not British. I know, I know, it’s Chinese or Turkish but not British, they just love it. And you’ll get used to it so you start drinking tea as well.

  1. How’s the weather? Is it raining all the time?

I’ll say just that is not exactly how I expected to be. It is so cold outside. The rain is not that frequent, but the wind… blows your mind (literally).

  1. Do I need big grades to study at a University in England?

I had good marks in High School, 9.30/10 overall on four years. But it is not that important, the most important thing is the BACalaureat (Romania). If I remember well, I had 8,35/10 (9.80 Geography, 9.40 Maths and 7.15 Language) and also you need up to 7 on IELTS even if my University asked for 6, some of them might as for a bigger mark, be prepared.


Thank you so much for reading my first article, comment down below if you have any specific questions about University in England and I’ll see you next time with a new blog.  You can follow me on Instagram for daily posts and on Facebook.

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