The truth about the IELTS exam

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog. Today’s article will be The truth about the IELTS exam. I’ve seen many questions about this on different groups, is it hard? Did you pass? Is it strict? So I’ve decided to talk a little bit about it and my personal experience with it.

The truth about the IELTS exam

The story is this, my English was at a ‘low’ level let’s say 45%, Watching YouTube videos and reading stuff wasn’t a problem, the big problem when I was face to face with academic things especially reading. So I’ve downloaded a few books with IELTS tests. I was so bad on them, not only reading but listening and writing.  I’ve decided to take some ‘lessons’, spent a lot of money on them about 60lei/h for 2months when I’ve seen that I don’t make any progress. The time to register for the exam has come, so I paid the 850 lei? I don’t remember exactly and I was really stressed about this because I knew I couldn’t do it. I prepared myself for another 3months because I couldn’t afford anymore the private English lessons, even if my parents encouraged me to keep going I told them I’m prepared enough I didn’t want them to spend so much on my English lessons… so here we go, the Exam day. Went to a different city, in Cluj, a lot of kids there, same age as me. Our names were on 5 lists having the exams on different hours. I don’t really remember but I think the Listening was first.The truth about the IELTS exam

Listening: I sat on the first table couldn’t see the clock properly but I knew we had 1 hour. So the exam started. Blah blah blah… wrote a few words on the sheet. It was awful. I couldn’t focus anymore it was too much for me. I got lost I know I didn’t do the last 3-4 words or something like that. It was just awful, the accent, the thing that everything was in English I was really scared. But I was so confident the same time cause believe me or not, you’ll do the same: everyone wrote the words the same time, the difference is who got the right word and who didn’t.

Reading: There were a few big texts and an answer sheet. Brilliant! It was so quiet in the classroom, everyone was focusing. I was focused for the first 20 minutes, after that… I don’t remember. I was so afraid of the Reading task. I kept saying to myself ‘you can do it’… but another part of me was saying nah just leave it.

Writing: I was kinda proud of me when after I finished. I was so confident and happy that I’m finally done with this and the Speaking part was just easy. Wait for it.

Speaking: This task was scheduled after 4 hours, great. Been to the mall I slept a little bit in the car waiting for it, I was really confident and prepared. When I get there I was lost, completely because of my emotions. After I realised the lady was nice, she just wanted to help me, (Thank you) I started talking and then after she said ‘thank you for coming here today and we hope you’ll get the mark you need’ I was really happy, not because I wanted to pass the exam but because It’s finally over.

So, my friends… this is what happened to me. Expect to be nervous but try not to. Do well and focus. If you wonder what mark I got… I’m proud to say that I’ve got exactly what I needed 6.0. There’s no shame in getting a 6.0 because I went to the University I wanted. And I know my English is not perfect now but trust me, its much better than before coming to England, and English is not Chinese anymore. I’ll post the next article on Wednesday 2nd of March. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily posts and on Facebook.

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