Silly things Wire Fox Terriers do in their first year

Hello everybody and welcome back for a new blog, today is a special day, my Alma is turning 1, I’ve decided to talk about some silly things wire fox terriers do in their first year. As we adopted her when she was a month old, she’s the most loved dog ever! So here we go:

Silly things wire fox terriers do in their first year Silly things Wired Fox Terriers do in their first year

  1. Trying to bark for the first time: You might say all dogs bark the same, well… I’m not so sure about this, Alma’s first bark was so similar with her toys, squeeze, squeez.
  2. Sleeping on their back: What’s the point? Young lady, what’s the point in sleeping on your back next to the wall when you have your bed, and also my bed…
  3. Eating everything: From carrots to lettuce to cucumber and tomatoes I can say she’s a pretty healthy dog, she eats healthier than me WFT dogs are weird.
  4. Sniffing everything and everyone: ‘did you, human eat something without me? Lemme smell your mouth’ yep, that’s basically my life everyday…
  5. ‘I can fly’: no darling, you can’t! As she grew a little bit, jumping up and down was her passion, but when she jumps from bed to window is not fun. As we live on the 4th floor, our windows are always close just because she’s trying to fly (if you know what I mean)Silly things Wired Fox Terriers do in their first year
  6. Cat food is always better than dog food: don’t get me wrong, I totally understand her tastes but, cat food? Why? When you have special food for your fur, for your eyes and other stuff, you choose to eat an ordinary cat’s food? Okay… if you insist
  7. My bed is her bed: maybe this was my mistake since the first day she slept with me in my SINGLE bed, it was so cute when she was just as big as your hand but when you can compare her with a pony … I need more space.
  8. Tricks: easy to do because of the treats. If you don’t have any treats in your hand expect just for NOTHING
  9. ‘I’m a diva’: obviously, having her ‘grandmother’ as a photographer and me as her mom (LOL) she’s always a diva, having the best pictures ever. (My mom has never done a photoshoot for me, but apparently, she’s doing for Alma…)
  10. Vacuum/Brush vs Alma -FIGHT: She’s always afraid of them, instead of running from them, barking and fighting them is her solution… funny to watch, sad when you realise you can’t brush your kitchen because you don’t have a brush anymore it’s just a stick
  11. Loosing teeth: It was her ‘freedom time’ in the garden when she played with a stick and my mom realised that her mouth is full of blood and she’s missing a tooth… calling the vet was her first option after that she realised that dogs are changing their baby tooth with adult ones just like us, humans.Silly things Wired Fox Terriers do in their first year
  12. Climbing stuff: Its always an adventure, when you go in the forest and there’s a tree which is at a low level so she can climb on it and bark just like ‘I’m the king of the world’.
  13. Hating my brother: the 11 years old human and the 1-year-old dog are good friends, ye (totally). Just wait until mom is calling my brother and our young lady is running to and barking and singing and whatever is she doing on her way to bring the child to his mother (she uses her teeth as well, his pants looks like after a vampire attack)
  14. Giving unconditionally love: she’s the best at cuddles and licking and singing and dancing- when you have food in your hand.
  15. Comment down below what silly things Wired Fox Terriers do in their first year of your experience.

Thank you for reading this article, I hoped you enjoyed reading some Silly Things Wire Fox Terriers do in their first year and I’ll see you next time on a new article. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily posts and on Facebook.

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