Apps a student must have

Hello everybody and welcome back to a new article on my blog. Today I’m going to give you apps a student must have, doesn’t matter if you’re a University or High School student. Let’s be honest now, we are using our phones more than our books, isn’t it? Write a note, research that, that and that, learn new languages, flight tickets, discounts etc Everything is on our ‘hands’ literally.

Apps a student must have

  1. Grammarly: It’s the best app if you need to write in a different language, for my essays I can say that this saved my life. It finds you the errors giving you the correct form that fits in the context you use also it checks if your essay can be considered by your teachers as plagiarism. Also on writing texts not only essays or school projects, texting your best friend incorrectly may be a little bit offensive if you use the word duck instead of… you know what. Just kidding. You can find this app on both iOS and Android.
  2. UNiDAYS: If you’re a University student in England you may find this app really good for you as you have many discounts for different companies as Forever 21, Superdrug, Pizza Hut and other brands you might like. Discounts between 5% to maybe 70% depends on what part of the year you want to do some shopping. You can find this app on both iOS and Android.
  3. iTranslate: It’s no shame to not know a word in class as an International Student, you’ll be surprised how often do British people search for the meaning of some words even if it’s so obvious what those means. It’s your right as a student to have the opportunity to translate a word, sentence, phrase for a better understanding in school. You can find this app on iOS or you can use Google Translate on both iOS and Android.
  4. Netflix: This app is available in 41 countries but the content is not the same. Anyway, a student needs time to relax and enjoy freedom after exams. If you don’t like to go out that means you enjoy watching films, that’s the perfect app for you but it’s not free. The lowest price for Netflix is about £6/month but you have lots of movies and series to watch. You can find this app on iOS or Android and even on your Tv remote if you’re lucky.                                                                                                     
  5. Travel: If you’re an international student it is important for you to know the best deals you can get for flight tickets or buses. As shown I do have three apps for this: Ryanair (soon a review about them), Wizz Air and then National Express-Coach. You can travel the world with them even with the Coach. Prices are low on apps than the sites. You can find these apps on both iOS and Android.
  6. University/School app: I have iBCU because I’m a student at BCU. These apps are pretty good, giving you the information about your next session, what class are you next in you and your timetable. They send you notifications to remind you that you need to go school. LOL. You can find this app on iOS or Android.
  7. Spotify: It’s the best music app and it’s suitable for everyone no matter what music you like. Uk students get a discount and it’s only £5 per month with unlimited music, available online and offline. Its kind relaxing after a day at work get on the bus and listen to music until you get home without any adverts on your screen. You find this app on iOS and Android but it is not available in all countries, sadly Romania is one of the countries that you can’t have Spotify.                                          
  8. Productivity: Here are all my emails, university and personal email. You can find them on both iOS and Android.
  9. Bank app: You need to see your money any time of the day, make sure you keep everything confidential and don’t save any passwords on it. You can find the bank apps on both iOS and Android depending on your country and the bank you have a contract with.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article: App all students must have. If you have any questions just comment down below and you’ll get an answer soon. I really hope you find this blog useful and I’ll see you soon. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram– daily posts and on Facebook.

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